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NOWTV Stopped playing via Samsung Smart TV


We've been using the NOWTV app via our Samsung Smart TV fine until yesterday. We can still access the app and move around the menus to select the film / episode we want to watch, but then when you press OK/play nothing happens, not even the four colour circle loading icon. Internet and wireless are both working fine, as using connecting and using laptop/mobiles and wifi speakers wthout a problem.


Any thoughts / solutions?

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@Anonymous User


Hi Welcome to the Fourm 


Basic Questions here for you, have you tried uninstall and reinstall the app? also have you tried doing a factory reset within the app ? 


Let us know how you get on, if no luck we will look into this in more detail for you. 


Thanks The Nowtv Team 🙂

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Ensure in your Samsung settings that automatic software updates are turned ON.

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Hi Nadine. I'm also having the same issues. The TV doesnt allow to uninstall


Also I tried logging in and out of the the app too.


It's starting to get frustrating. Since all other apps like Netflix YouTube are working fine.


It will be shame to cancel my subscriptions. As there are a few programs I'd like to watch.


As it's only been three days sinced I've subscribed. 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


I don't own a Samsung Smart TV, but have you tried unplugging the power to the television for about 2 minutes.


Whilst unplugging the power to the TV, i would be tempted a reboot on your Router (even if other Apps are currently running fine on the television).


Also out of curiosity what is the model number of your Samsung TV, where perhaps somebody who owns the same model TV knows a way to delete and reinstall the native NOW App on it.



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@Anonymous User 

Try unplugging the TV for a few minutes to “reset” the connection.


You could also unplug your router for a few minutes. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help