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NOWTV App resume not longer working



This morning I find that the resume functionality is no longer working on the NowTV apps either on Roku player or via Android / Chromecast/ Google Cast.


When pausing an episode (such as The Blacklist in my case this morning) I can see that the progress bar on the Continue watching caption is where it should be, but when pressing play, it always moves back to the beginning.


I updated the Roku express app to the latest version this morning after it started happening but that didn't work. Since it is also happening when using Google Cast from my Android tablet, I am assuming that there is a problem at the NowTV side.


Anyone else seen anything similar today?


This may sort of related to the thread at this seems a bit more serious.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Same happening here with my NowTV 4K Smart Box 😠.


The Continue Watching feature on NowTV always seems to be a little flaky.


@Simon-J  is somebody from NowTV investigating this ?

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Hi @Anonymous User @Simon-J 


The Continue Watching section on my NowTV 4K Smart box seems to be working fine again for me and picks up the movie or TV show episode where i last left it.

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@schnapps @Anonymous User 


Not sure if part of the same problem but my weekly shows no longer come into continue watching after they've aired. This is on Samsung and LG apps. 


I have to go searching for shows that I'm currently watching weekly....a bit annoying 😞

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Hi @Lindzi 


I find the NowTV Continue Watching function to be a bit hit & miss for me over the years.


Where sometimes it works great and other times like you said it doesn't pick up the next episode available to watch, where the particular episode has already aired hours or days ago.


And like you i have to go finding the episode in question in the Entertainment, Channel Folder 😠.

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Same problem for me it really pi**ing me off now 

Is anyone from Now Tv able to look into this??

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Hello @schnapps,


Yes, I can confirm that it looks like resume may be working as expected again, for the most part.


I was able to stop and resume a Season six episode of The Blacklist repeatedly up to completion. On the Roku express, I exited NowTV, logged into All4 and back to the NowTV app and successfully resumed as one of the tests.


Next, I watched most of the first episode of Lovecraft Country, stopping and starting as the episode advanced to test resume stability. That seemed ok as well, so far. Unlike this morning, subtitles on that worked, too.


Finally, I started another episode of The Blacklist. One strange thing is that the progress bar on the My TV screen on the Roku Express version of the app does not show up even though it appears to be saving the progress of that particular the Blacklist episode. Despite the progress bar not showing up, it does seem to resume the episode where it left off. Prior to this mornings problems, similar episode viewings would go back to the start and was a known long term fault on Roku express apps. Maybe that issue has been 'half-addressed' which may have been the reason for the resume functionality breaking completely earlier.


Will have to try it with Google Cast to the TV from my Android tablet to see if all this works as expected when i next get the chance.


Anyway, yes, things look a bit more promising now, anyway.