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NOW tv on TalkTalk broadband

Is anyone else having issues using NOW tv using their TalkTalk broadband connection?


When using my TalkTalk broadband, I am unable to log in to the NOW tv website and the NOW tv devices are extremely slow to navigate.


If I set my laptop and NOW tv device to use my mobile hotspot, I can log in to the website and navigation on the NOW tv devices are back to normal.


While being logged in to the NOW tv website, if I reconnect to my TalkTalk broadband and try to log out, I see a "Sorry something went wrong" message/error.


It seems like TalkTalk is blocking something on NOW tv.

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Sounds like you will probably need to speak to Talk Talk directly.


You could try perform a factory reset to the router. Although that is just pure guess work!

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @MacSaver 


See if the TalkTalk Router is picking up an IP address outside the UK (use this link website tool below to give you an idea of your IP Router address location). 


I have seen in the past TalkTalk automatically given an IP address outside the UK which prevents using the NOW service.


Usually unplugging the power to your Router for about 20 to 30 minutes will allow it to allocate a new IP address automatically.


If you was getting the sorry NOW is currently unavailable message, then i would say it's a third party adblocking software on your Router that is causing the problem.