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NOW on Apple TV Finally Updated

Finally the app uses the native Apple interface 🙂


Hi  ScrumpyDaniel

I'm thinking of buying an Apple TV for watching Sky Sports with Now as I've read on other threads that the camo affect can be removed by changing the settings from 4K HDR to 4K SDR. I'd be interested to know if that works for you?

Thanks in advance.


isn't it funny.

I, and many others in here have been complaining about the appalling app situation for literally years.

The release of the 'new' app over 2 years ago which several of us including me beta tested beforehand was a huge letdown when it arrived with no 5.1 support and a terrible interface.

This new version, which appeared completely out of the blue, solves almost all the issues that weve been talking about.

It's not just a tweak, it's a whole new app pretty much.  The version number jumped significantly too.  Yes the support pages need updating as the new features are not reflected there at all.



Is ‘up next’ functionality broken now for anyone else?


do you mean Apple's up next?

I haven't noticed but haven't had anything from NOW to watch lately.

On that subject, I watch 'the flash' and have noticed that season 9 is completely missing from the entire Apple TV app for some reason.  Never seen this happen before.

Ive raised this with NOW and they haven't done anything about it - but if you search for the Flash it stops at season 8.  We are already many episodes in and it's just not happening.  Annoying as I dont go into apps to use individual watchlists, I rely on the integration working correctly which Is why Netflix are so annoying for not supporting it.