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NOW TV - Youview Box

Hi There,


I have a Youview box provided by TalkTalk and am subscribed to sky sports and the boost directly via NOW.


Any time i watch any of the sports channels on my Youview box the picture starts off in perfect HD then after a couple of minutes drops to quite a poor picture and can be unwatchable at times, i have tried the NOW app on my phone and the picture is perfect there it is just on the Youview box where the issue is.


My Youview box is connected to the internet via powerline adapters and i even tried a new pair of them to see if that would fix the issue but it hasnt, any other streaming app on my box such as Netflix, BBC Iplayer, All4 etc all work perfectly it is only NOW that doesnt.


One other thing i have noticed is that my internet speed drops dramatically when i am using NOW tv on my Youview box, as an example i have just done 2 speed tests - one whilst watching NOW tv and the other when NOW Tv was off, my download speed when NOW tv was turned off was 41 but when i started streaming a sports channel my download speed dropped to 5.


Has anyone ever had this before or currently also has the same issue or have any ideas on how to solve this?




You may do better to reach out to TalkTalk directly, try their community forum, you can register using the link below and then post on their TV support page: