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NOW TV Stick not working on LG TV



I want to watch Sky Sports Box Office on my new LG TV. This is not available through LG's App Store but I beleive I can get it through my NOW TV Stick.


I have connected the stick and while the stick opens neither my NOW TV or LG remote work. I have tried setting up the LG Magic remote and also tried to not use this option in settings. The NOW TV remote doesn't work either. Ive tried unplugging the NOW TV stick from the power and have done a reset on the stick. I get to the reset screen and to the pairing the remote screen but again thats not working. Ive tried turning the TV off and on but to no avail. 


Any ideas?



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Hi @Anonymous User 


A few things that i would try (ignore your LG remote for now) such has.


1. Fit new batteries on the NOW Smart voice remote.


2. Try a different HDMI port on the LG and when setting or pairing the remote, move the remote closer to the back of the television.


3. Try a different wifi channel on your Router.


4. Try both the supplied power adapter and a USB 5vdc 900ma port on your television.


5. Factory reset the Stick by holding in the reset button on the Stick for about 15 seconds and when setting up if your Router is dual band try both 2.4 and 5ghz wifi frequencies from the Network list on the Stick.


6. Temporary try setting up the Stick on a different television in the home (nearest TV to the Router would be my choice) and if you can get it running, swap back to your LG television and go into the Stick Settings and under TV remote setup Stick with the LG TV to use the standby and volume buttons on the Stick remote.


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Hi @Anonymous User 


Forgot to say on the above reply, also try a reboot on your Router and Stick again if you have fresh new batteries in the remote


You could also try the smart voice remote control trouble shooting guide in this link below. 


If you are going to try another factory reset, make sure when holding in the reset button on the Stick for about 15 seconds that both the Stick and television is powered up.


Should you get the Stick and NOW remote working, then if you are interested in Sky Sports Box Office, then also have a read of this help guide article. 


@Anonymous User 


Beside taking @schnapps‘ excellent advice, you could try saying which model of LG TV you have, so this LG TV owner could perhaps add something? 😛


And you have got the Now Stick in line of sight of the remote, and not hidden behind the TV in each case?


I have Roku devices working perfectly on both LG TVs, via both their Roku remotes and my LG Magic remotes, and even had the Roku Stick+ working on its Roku remote on both TVs, though not via the LG Magic Remote (which knows about it, claims it can control it, but actually can’t because this particular Roku uses RF).


But my ‘yellow button’ Now remote is definitely all IR, and even works the Roku Express 4K in the bedroom, the latest Roku device, and likewise all IR.

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.