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NOW Stick wiped my watchlist and won't sync back like all other devices


Has anyone else had this problem?

I watch NOW on various devices including tv app, mobile app and through browsers. But my NOW tv stick seems to be broken since a recent update and won't fix itself.

- My watchlist just disappeared on this device
- I added an item onto the watchlist and it now shows this 1 tv show.
- It shows my proper watchlist with lots of things on, on all other devices
- I've tried siging in and out / Done various hard resets, and yet it still shows this new broken watchlist with 1 item in it when i sign back in?
- Plus if i watch a show on the stick it remembers a totally different 'continue watching' list since it doesnt sync up with proper one.

Seems to be the stick itself has some corrupted software on it since it's just this device. I'm tempted to just buy a new one. I've seen similar problems. Is there any fix for this it's been like for ages now?


































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Try setting the stick back to factory settings.

Otherwise you will have to report with staff via live chat or email. This is because NOW do NOT make or sell any of their streaming devices.

For live chat you need to click ‘chat online’ within the green box. Don’t hit ‘get help quicker’ as this is a bot.

Email address for support
customer services @ Now tv . Com (Ensure no spaces)

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help


As mentioned above - i've done this hard reset multiple times - having to put all my details back in. Doesn't have any effect.

I've already contacted support and getting nowhere.

I'm just wondering if anyone this problem and it was actually fixed - since there doesnt seem to be a solution.



@muddybloke @gavs82008 

Never the most reliable device in the Now armoury - too small, perhaps, for the amount of heat they have to dispel?  - Now Sticks fail regularly, alas.

Your best option now is a Roku Express - the HD one suffices for Now, but you may want the 4K one for the many 4K channels. It isn’t a stick, but does attach very neatly to the bottom bezel of a TV. Roku do have a stick, if a stick it must be, but this is more money; at this level the Amazon Firestick becomes competitive on price, though its UI isn’t a patch on the Roku UI.

I might glue a heatsink to an old Now Stick if it worked until it got hot, but if one doesn’t work from the get-go, and doesn’t respond to a hard reset, then replacement is the only option, and the Roku Express is the better bet these days.

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it.
Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now.
That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.

I have  ROKU 4K stick, which hs just developed the same problem.


I've had my ROKU stick a while and think it's just the original HD one I have - so seems an issue of multiple ROKU sticks.

I heard back from NOW help again and they just finally said
'This can be issue with your NOW Stick and we request you to please wait for the update and check whether it helps.'

Does seem odd, it still logs me into my account ok with the correct pass - it's just it won't pick up my watchlist and Continue watching items. It still shows this new watchlist after it wiped it and just things I have watched on this device from now on. So in short it seems to have a new watchlist that is just set to this device.

Guess i'll keep an eye out for another update and hope some new software fixes it.

Thanks for the advice on others sticks etc. I may well get a new one if this remains a problem.

For Reference,
The main software under HOME and SETTINGS on the stick says:
- Software version: 12.0.3
- Build 4013

and going into the NOW app itself under settings it says:

- 8.3.2

NOW software version says: 8.3.2



Got a final response from NOW...

'Since we have stopped manufacturing the NOW Box and NOW Sticks, we are not able to provide any further help from our end'

To me this says - don't bother using NOW since we dont have any control over the product we are selling you and cant be bothered to look into it.



Just adding that I came to this foum as I'm getting this to with Roku. There is a different Watchlist and Continue Watching on the Roku to the website and other devices.

I actually prefer it this way, it gets around the issue of not being able to set up user profiles. I can now watch series at a different pace to my parents without either of us getting confusede about which episode we're up to!