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NO 5.1 Audio with 'new' but crippled NowTV app on AppleTV 4K

I recently dumped the increasingly expensive SkyQ in favour of NowTV, since we mostly watch Sky Altantic or Sky Cinema anyway and for that the monthly Sky fees really didn't stack up.


Having checked it was supported, I also bought 2 AppleTV 4K boxes. Of course, folks here on this forum know the issue ( Update NowTV app for AppleTV thread ), but it is very easy to miss this bit of information when you are doing pre-purchase research. And who on earth would even imagine they would release a new app for this hi spec box without supporting multichannel audio? 


I thought it worth posting a new thread here in the hope I might help someone else make the mistake.


I have had an extremely frustrating and utterly useless exchange with NowTV support on the issue. No information on whether an update to enable 5.1 is likely any time soon. The only offer is 1 month off ether Entertainment or Cinema. If I want decent audio with NowTV, I will have to buy a NowTV stick or FireTV stick etc. on which it is supported. Another purchase, another interface, another remote.👎


No wonder so many people are tech-phobic. Maybe one day 'stuff' will just work... but for now it seems 'Plug and Play' is still a long way away.




Thanks @carlos321, it appeared when I added a show to the watchlist on Apple TV. It doesn't appear to be syncing with my accounts watchlist at the moment as changes aren't reflected on the Apple TV device only, probably a bug like the live TV pause buffering indefinitely if you try to catch on the live broadcast. Nice to have working 5.1 though after all this time. 



In the UK, or at least on my appletv right now.... im on 7.4.0.

25.0.1 at least version-wise seems significantly different.

Out of interest the current iOS version is 36.0.0.


The ROI iOS is also 36.0.0, in general they are the same app with just sports extra added (BT sports) on the ROI app



I didn’t get the version number but the UK app has just updated on my Apple TV, no chance to test yet but it’s showing films/programs as 5.1 rather than stereo so looks good - can anyone verify?

thanks Ian

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I am in the UK and at 5am this morning my Now TV app updated on my  TV 4K in my bedroom & lounge and I now have Dolby 5.1, at last! Two years later - but at least it's here! Had to sign back in on both boxes after the update. Welcome 5.1 on  TV and Now TV - who else has it in the UK?

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I forced an update last night by deleting the app and downloading from the
App Store.
Great to finally get 5.1! Great that pressing “Ok/Select” for Play/Pause
now works like other apps (doesn’t just bring up the controls on screen
requiring a second press). Shame that it is still so awkward to see all
episodes in a season, especially if watching something not on your

We’ve almost stopped using our AppleTV due to this and similar issues BBC
iPlayer, and because the Plex app doesn’t handle .mkv without transcoding.
We have got used to using the TV Apps instead. Will we go back to Apple….?


out of interest I tweeted NOW on the subject.

They replied that the next update to the app will happen on 10th May.

They ignored my direct question and at first thought it was a 'suggestion' for the UK to get the ROI version.

But, the next update scheduled for 10th doesnt by any means suggest its going to get the 'big' update... just the next iteration.  Will 7.4.0 jump to 25.x.x (or the UK equivalent of that)?  we shall see I suppose.

Thanks to NOW for being so obtuse.


Version 25.0.1 of the NOW app is available via update on the Apple TV box NOW in the UK!

5.1 audio now works. Phew. Took them long enough. 


I concur

25.0.1 actually released!

Yes, its been a LONG time coming - but I cautiously say that its now a MUCH better app experience than before.

The AppleTV standard playback controls are now used - no more clunky interface.

According to the release notes 5.1 is now supported however as someone who long since out of protest cancelled their boost pass I wonder if anyone can confirm its ACTUALLY working.?

One thing I checked, is that they still haven't updated the boost support pages as it still states that 5.1 is not supported on an AppleTV (hence the request for someone to check please!)

At last!

Scholar 3

Hoorah !!!! Confirm all working here: live and on demand for all entertainment, movies, sport. Brilliant news.