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Missing NowTV App from LG TV


I have just signed up for a Sky Sports subscription and wanted to watch directly from my LG TV.

I cannot see the Now TV app in the list, nor in the LG Content Store. I can see/use Prime, Netflix iPlayer etc with no issue.

LG TV is WebOS TV UJ634V, Software version 05.80.35, which I have just updated.

Any help would be great, thanks.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Looking at the picture on the LG website (see link below) where i am assuming this is the television model you own you can see the NowTV App on the television photo (unless this is a std photo for various different LG TV's in their range). 


Or perhaps if your television is an older model, then between NowTV & LG they have decided to remove support for this television model number due to hardware / software limitation.


If it was me, the first point of call would be LG support where you will find their contact details at the bottom of the page link.


They should be able to help in confirming if the NowTV App is still available or not on this model television and if the App is still available they can walk you through the process on how to find / add it to your TV.


If no joy with LG, see if a LG owner on the forum can offer you some guidance and help on here or alternatively try the NowTV live chat service.


To reach NowTV live chat open the link page below, click on the green arrow directly underneath How to Get in Touch, to reveal the live chat button. 


I don't own an LG Smart TV so i won't be much further help sorry.


Hope you get it sorted.