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Low quality of 1080p Boost Movies

I posted this on the wrong forum, so I'm reposting here


I've got Sky Cinema and Boost, and lots of films are showing up as HD and 5.1. I'm seeing odd crawling artefacts on fine detail, particularly rolling end credits though, similar to what I'd expect if they were 720p upscaled to 1080p.


I'm seeing this both on a Roku Express connected to a 1080p Pioneer Plasma, and a Roku Streaming Stick+ connected to a 1080p LG LCD. Both are reporting that they're getting 1080p streams from the Rokus, and both are in "Dot-for-dot"/"Just scan" mode. When the same devices play 1080p movies from Netflix or Google Play Movies, there's no sign of the crawl.


So either:

1 - I'm paying for 1080p but the service isn't working for some reason

2 - What Now TV is calling 1080p is actually an upscale of a lower resolution

3 - The source is actually higher than 1080p, and it's being very badly downscaled

4 - The compression of the stream is just really bad


Could other Boost users see if they're getting the same thing?


I've tried to grab an example by photographing the end credits of Avengers Endgame on Now TV w Boost, vs Google Play. Even on a still frame, Google Play is noticeably sharper, and NowTV definitely shows scaling artefacts. Look at the top of the S in CAST - it looks like a scanline has just been dropped. When the credits are moving, fine horizontal detail seems to shimmer, particularly E's



Given that we're being charged extra for higher quality, I think this isn't acceptable

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I see your point, as many have said on here the sports seem to benefit the most from the boost because of the frame rate. Not many have see a difference for entertainment or movies even though there should be. Ceratainly not right though.


After several long, painful and patronising conversations with Now TV support (favourite: You have 200Mbps internet but because you have about 40 idle devices, the Roku is only getting 5Mbps - someone doesn't understand anything about networking), they cancelled my Boost and refunded me the £3. I've rephotographed the same bit of Endgame credits without Boost, and there really seems to be very little difference. Seems to me that Boost is definitely not worth it for movies

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Yes I’ve experienced something similar. I’m probably going to subscribe for one month to sky cinema to see. 

I have the Roku Premiere which possibly doesn’t stream Now TV in 1080p, However I think it does, I just can’t confirm it. However the quality isn’t good. I’m frustrated with NowTV tbh, the lack of a reliable 1080p display is really outdated. I bought my Roku to be able to watch Sky cinema at the reduced price NowTV we’re offering me, I also paid for NowTV boost, and yet the boost isn’t available on so many devices, and it’s unclear if it’s available on some. They don’t seem very transparent about it either, it’s a waste of money I think unless you’re ok with only 720p resolution. 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Here's the current list below on devices that supports HD Boost. 


Not sure about the Roku Premier which i believe is a US import box that wasn't never officially launched in the UK.


If you go into the NowTV App under My Account on your Roku and it shows a Boost Pass option then i would say your Roku is Boost compatible.


Perhaps take out a Boost 7 day free trial to test it out if it shows under the NowTV App My Account section on your Roku box.


To tell what is running at HD on the Boost pass then when you watch something click the OK or Pause button it should show the HD icon on the Movie or TV show episode pop up info screen bar.


Also the live channels under the now & next TV guide should show HD at the end of the channel name in the TV Guide.


Further information about Boost in this link article below. 

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Hi @schnapps  @Rowsdower  @Anonymous User   @Techuser_73 


I do believe that would be this Roku Premier and it does appear to be available in the UK. 


If I'm wrong then. In this instance, it is probably a previous generation Roku Premier that is being used in which case it wasn't officially launched in the UK. This means support  now TV might well be patchy at best. At worst, it wouldn't work at all, which obviously isn't the case here


But there's one thing everybody should doublecheck when using now TV with Roku, or indeed even now TV branded a Roku-based devices. You need to make sure also adjust refresh rate is turned on. When using a UK based services such as now TV or BBC iPlayer. This is because everything the UK does is output at 50 Hz max. Roku kit by default were output 60 Hz 


be aware, though, some of the Roku's lower down the product stack don't possess the auto adjust refresh rate function, although I can confirm the stream is stick plus does. From the image illustrations posted here. Things looked a bit fuzzy/ghostly, which is what you would typically get when refresh rate is causing an issue


To turn the function on go to settings > system > advanced system settings > advanced display settings > auto adjust refresh rate


When using Netflix. However I would recommend you turn this function off as it can sometimes cause problems due to the fact that Netflix likes to pay previews of content whilst you are browsing for something to watch. Alternatively you can go into your Netflix account settings and prevent Netflix from playing previews to get around this issue. It'll be under playback settings for each profile


Hope this is of help😀

I do not work for Now . I am simply a Now customer trying to help I am a Community Contributor This means that I know a lot about the service. But just like you I am still a customer. This means I cannot help you with issues that would involve looking into your account directly. A member of the now TV forum team or live chat will need to assist you with these issues.
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Hi @commanda6 


Good shout, i was getting confused with the Roku Premier box sold in the USA (shown in the photo below) and totally forgot about the newer Roku Premier mini box released recently in the UK 😀.


It's hard to keep track of all the different Roku model numbers 😆.








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Thanks for this:) I’ll definitely try the refresh rate thing. I wish I’d bought the 4K roku stick now !
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Hi, I think you might have actually changed my life !!!😂 I’ve changed the refresh rate thing on the roku settings, and it seems to have worked:) 🙂  thank you so so much