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Location Problem using Trooli Broadband

I am no longer able to play any Now content on any device connected to my Wifi.

If I switch to mobile broadband it works fine.

Rebooting my router twice has given me 3 different IP addresses but on each occasion I get the same error message.

Contacting Now support they are telling me that my IP address is coming up as United States.


Yet when I try "Whats My Ip" it comes up as Longfield, Kent


Trooli say it is NowTv at fault


NowTv say it is Trooli at fault


Does anyone have any ideas how I can get around this, I have 6 devices at home mostly using chromecasts to access the content.


Would a VPN help me?

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Hi @Anonymous User 


The BBC iPlayer App is sensitive to IP addresses outside the UK, does the BBC iPlayer App run on your Trooli Broadband service ?


A VPN located in the UK may work, but NOW are clamping down and picking up on VPN's.


Sorry my IT knowledge is not that great.


When people report location errors on the NOW service i usually suggest to them to either factory reset their Router or power down the Router for around 20 to 30 minutes to acquire a new IP.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


This ITV Hub Help Article might give you some pointers.