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Live TV Kids Channels NOT accessible on Roku's Now TV app? or on iPhone?

I signed up to Now TV so my kids could watch both "on demand" shows AND "live channels" under the Kids Pass. I opted to use the Roku stick over the Now TV stick because only Roku gives me the option to also subscribe to and view the Baby TV app. However, there is no "Watch Live" option or "TV Guide" button within the Kids section. I can see a "TV Guide" button on my Android phone and watch the live channels there. I can also see a "Watch Live" option in the Entertainment, Movies AND Sports tabs but no option to watch the kids channels live, despite them advertising 6 live channels in addition to on demand content. Interestingly enough my partner has the same issue when trying to access Live Channels for the kids on his iPhone. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I've been on a lengthy chat with Now TV and they are escalating this to their Technical Team but I can't be the first to have come across this problem! Has this been caused by a recent faulty update or something? Any help or advise would be appreciated.