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Now TV app is no longer appearing in the Samsung app store

When we first purchased the tv the app was on the menu screen, then it disappeared and now it isn’t visible in the App Store. 

Samsung TV 

Model Number: LS32AM500NUXEN


does anyone has a fix for this? 
the software is fully updated. 
I have tried resetting the tv too and taking the plug out.

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When you say resetting, is that a factory reset?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @TheBeanz 


That Samsung model number seems to be a smart Monitor and it looks like you have succumb to the reports by other Samsung customers on this linked thread below. 


Don't know of any solution or workaround at the moment apart from add your details and report the problem to this linked thread above.



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I know that this isnt what you, or thousands of other smart TV owners want to hear...


But this is always an inevitability.   NOW, who are terrible frankly, and all other steaming services cannot develop apps for every platform out there.

If they do, they end up spreading themselves too thinly and you'll eventually get an app on a platform which is neglected and woefully outdated and sometimes to the point where it wont work anymore.


My advice is always to just ignore smartTVs and the like, and get an external box or stick for your smart TV streaming.  

It loathes me to admit but the best bet nowadays is the Amazon Firestick.  It is very cheap, and since NOW stopped their own branded hardware, it would appear that the Firestick is NOW's platform of choice... in that the app they provide on the Firestick is fully featured, and supports all the functionality they have - unlike a lot of other platforms (for example the AppleTV they dont support 5.1 audio).


The other benefit of going Firestick is that your TV or monitor will last many years should you chose to keep it and if and when the Firestick is upgraded you can simply buy a new one.