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LG TV - how to get Now to work again

Hi Everyone. 


I just thought I'd post this as a stand alone post for advice. 

If you have an LG TV and your Now Account isn't working anymore there is a way to get it back.


I struggled for two weeks trawling the forums for a solution - it was so frustrating. I tried everything people advised would work and it didn't. 


I did find a solution that worked for me - no guarantee it will for you, but it's worth a try. 


On your LG TV go to General Settings, 

Scroll down the options menu until you find Reset to Initial settings and select. 


Once you've signed back in, your Now TV should work as normal again. 


*side note - you will need to login to ALL your apps again after reset. 


I hope this works for you. 


IF you have an older LG and you've received a message saying that LG will not be supporting the NOW TV app - you should contact NOW and ask them for a NOW stick - this is the only way (I believe) that you will be able to continue to watch NOW. 


Dannii 👍🤞😊



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lol, If that works for you every time it goes wrong then good for you. Some people spend a lot of time and effort calibrating and setting up an expensive television and your "solution" quote: "without guarantee" is totally not acceptable.


The only "solution" that works for some of us is not to waste any more time or money on NOW tv, sky sports, sky movies or any other related Sky product or company, at least until such time as they are able to provide a service that would be considered "fit for purpose" in a court of law, including a level of communication and customer "service".


Looking around the forums, it would appear there are several distinct issues which suggests very significant deficiencies.


Each to their own.

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@Anonymous User I couldn't agree with you more! 

The level of customer service is appalling and that's IF you can find the Live Chat part in the first place. Its hidden away on purpose I'm sure. ChatBot has NO answers and not even qualifying questions to answer regarding this issue.


I do think that my option is drastic - and  shouldn't even be an option in the first place. The ONLY valid solution is Now sorting it out so that it's a valid platform for an LG tv. I mean, LG isn't a new brand. 


Its extremely frustrating. 

The only reason I shared my opinion was to help. I did not intend on making anyone more frustrated. I get how long people spend setting everything up. I too lost all my custom settings, then spent an hour putting everything right. 


If they couldn't get this sorted they should have contacted ALL their LG customers and asked whether they wanted a free stick or box whilst they sorted out the issue on their end - and that's after a lengthy apology.

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Hi @Anonymous User @Anonymous User 


LG broke the NowTV and All 4 App with their recent firmware update (so for once it wasn't NowTV's fault).


It you are not prepared to factory reset your LG Web OS television if you are effected, then you will have to wait until LG sends out a software patch fix to your television.


Here's a recent tweet from LG and All4 about it.