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LG TV Sign In Problem

My brand new LG television (LG43UK6750PLD) came with NOW TV on the main menu.  It is connected to the internet and can run all other apps successfully.  I can launch the NOW TV app and browse all the contents, but when I select something to view, I am presented with a log in screen that has no keyboard.  

Having trusted that it would work, I had paid for a NOW TV subscription via my PC, and am deeply frustrated that it appears not to function.  I can't enter my username or password.  I can't even use my TV as a display when I run NOW TV from a portable device because "playback is not permitted" - although sound comes through OK.

Is there an updated version of the app that does work on this LG tv?  Is there a workaround for this?  Why would the app be displayed on the tv when I bought it if it is, in fact, not supported? 


Hoping for a solution.  Thanks.

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Re: LG TV Sign In Problem

If you go to the LG Store on the TV are there any updates for the Now TV app?


Not the best solution but someone mentioned this

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