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LG SmartTV app does not allow login

Just got a new LG Smart TV, Amazon/YT/Netflix all work fine


The NOWTV app is there and existing. But the issue is that there is NO LOG IN page available.


There is only a QR code or it tells me to visit Both of these options then lead to a page (on web browser and mobile) that asks what subscription I want to buy (when I already have subscriptions and an account!)


I just want to log in to my existing account on my new TV so I can watch it there.


How may I do so?


I can't even get the insert image function to work on this forum jeez. For those who may have seen this issue before, the wording says:


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Scan QR code

-  QR code -

or visit


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Hi @Eugene 


Press the Ok /enter button on the remote when you see the QR code screen page, then when the NOW Home Screen page finally opens, navigate down to the bottom grid row and click on My Account tile box.


I can’t even scroll down after the QR codes. A shambles really


All I’m getting is to log onto the home page to register or join 

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Hi @RolandG 


Did you press the enter button on the remote (i am guessing it's the middle scroll wheel on an LG Smart Remote though i don't own an LG TV) to clear the QR scan code or sign up to NOW ?


Before moving to the bottom grid row on the NOW App on the television to reach the My Account tile box ?

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Don’t scan the QR code, all this does is take you to a page to sign up with a brand new account.


As pointed out by @schnapps  you need to press OK/Enter on the remote to close the QR code. This then takes you to the home page.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help


Many thanks for your quick response.
Yes,I managed to do all that successfully.

Thanks once again.