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Issues with TV Nowtv Apps

If anyone could tag in nowtv staff I'd be grateful 🙂

Problems with both samsung and lg apps

  • None of my weekly shows come into my continue watching once aired. None at all!
  • If I put a series into my watchlist it also puts in all the 'specials' one off programmes associated with this show. If I want them in my watchlist I'll add them myself
  • I watched a few game of thrones episodes the other day and you are now putting adverts in before EVERY episode, even if you choose watch next! You may argue that Amazon Prime also does this BUT they also offer a skip button. I will cancel sub if this is going to leech into other boxsets. 

Are Nowtv aware of these recent problems and are going to fix? With your latest price hike I would be hoping that you were going to get your act together, as the streaming service is becoming not worth the subscription cost as it becomes less user friendly with every update 😞


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