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I have no Now TV app?

I’ve just bought a new JVC tv which I was told has the Now TV app, I’ve search but the app is not listed?

how can I get the Now tv app installed on my new tv?

pointless having it if I can’t watch my subscription!!

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Re: I have no Now TV app?

Hi @Topic63 


JVC smart televisions don't offer the native NowTV App on the JVC smart platform, where you will need to plug in an external device that supports NowTV to your television.


Have a read of this thread below where the OP and a similar question when using a JVC television. 

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Re: I have no Now TV app?



As you were mis-sold the TV, you have the right to take it back for a refund, and maybe to buy a Samsung or LG TV instead, which do have the NowTV app installed.


However, as per the link that @schnapps kindly gave you, it may be a lot less hassle, and maybe cheaper too, to just get a NowTV stick, £15, and plug that into the TV. And this may well have other apps on it that you were told were on the JVC, and aren’t.

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