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I can now access Sky Entertainments via BT Youview

Until today, I couldn't access the Sky Entertainment package on my Smart TV, via my BT YouView box. Today however, I have access, and it looks like SkySports is there as well (although I haven't yet subscribed to SkySports). Does anyone know - have BT now improved their Now / Sky Access via TYouView ?

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Hello @Anonymous User , as of a couple of days ago, all YouView boxes* now have access to the full NowTV service, including the Boost pass.


* Older boxes such as the T1000 and older TalkTalk boxes are excluded. 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


When you open the NowTV App on your Youview box and if you see a similar layout to the photo below (ignore the stuff in my watchlist and the poor picture quality taken from my camera phone).


Then your box has the latest update NowTV App and you will be able to use & watch any NowTV Sports, Cinema, Entertainment, Kids or Hayu Passes that you have on your nowTV account on the box.


If you are a BT TV customer and subscribe to their new BT / NowTV bolt on packages, then i believe you can either use the EPG via the Youview Box TV Guide (BT TV customers only) or the NowTV App on the box.




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Right, NowTV... now that your only developer has managed to implement the YouView app... could you please ask him to turn his attention to pressing the button that releases the already completed and available AppleTV app on the UK app store please?


Thank you!

... 4 years without an update and counting 🙂