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How to stay logged in to NOW TV on a Samsung Smart TV?

Hello my Father recently bought a new samsung smart tv and the other night I bought him a sport pass for a month on 'now tv'

Every time I  switch the tv off it seems to lock us out of 'now tv' and we have to start the logging in process all over again. I should explain that my Father is 80 years old  has been very ill for a long time and finds it impossible to operate the on screen keboard which you need to log in, via the remote.  This means that I have to be there to log in everytime he wants to watch the now tv sports channel.


Is there a way that he can remain logged in to NOW TV without having to log in all the time?


Also what's the best way to make NOW TV use in general user friendly for an 80 year old  male in poor health.

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Hi there! When you log in to your NOW TV BOX on your Samsung Smart TV, you can stay logged on, by just pressing Stand By on your Samsung Remote control, not not turn off your TV on the wall socket! When you want the TV back on, just press Standby again and you should find, that you are already logged on! I hope this helps you.