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Higher energy consumption when watching now tv

Hi, I have a smart meter for my energy consumption. Every time I start watching Now TV my meter reader goes up, clocking up to 30p an hour, when I turn off goes down to 8p an hour. Anyone else experience this? I didn't realise watching now tv on my television would cost extra in energy.... Not good. 

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Hi @Anonymous User 

The NOW black box consumes about 3.5watts, the Freeview Smart NOW box is roughly 14watts and the 4K NOW Smart box runs at around 9watts.

I don't use a smart meter myself and still have a mechanical electricity meter and not familiar with these modern Smart meters.

So even taking into consideration the running watts on your Router and television with the NOW box that 30 pence per an hour seems high to me.

Based on my current electricity rate I am paying around 27 pence per kWh which would mean your NOW box, television and Router was consuming more than 1 kWh of electricity (unless my maths is totally wrong).

Could something like your fridge or freezer electrical compressor was running during your test when taking the smart meter reading.

Is this figure constant during a number of tests during the day.

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No it's just when watching Now tv that the energy consumption increases. Soon as I change to live TV or another app it goes down to normal.
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@Anonymous User what model of Samsung TV do you have and what size screen? Are you using an app integrated into the TV or and external device like a stick or youview box?

Looking around at some sites, based on the most expensive tariff of 34p/kWh, a TV in use for the UK average of 5 hours 16 minutes per day wouldn't cost more than 3 or 4p per hour.

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It's a 43 inch smart TV and the app is integrated. I have turned everything else off, it's just when watching Now tv that the energy consumption goes up, its very strange. All the other apps like Netflix and prime don't do it. 


perhaps its not the TV, but the router?

How much testing have you done?  Have you tried another app on the TV such as Netflix.. does that do the same?

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Hi, yes tested everything, are apps don't do the same.

@Anonymous User 

Those numbers mean that when you watch Now, your TV or your router, or both collectively, are putting out the same heat as a one-bar electric fire.

Can you monitor the temperature of each, to see how that rises? It should be pretty unmistakeable.

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