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Google Home and Now TV

My years subscription for Entertainment and Cinema is coming to an end. Am considering options and want to get something that integrates with Google assistant. Seems the Roku does, as does Netflix. Now TV is the only device in my home that doesn't work with Google. I have a number of devices including the smart stick.  It's frustratingly annoying to have to hunt down this remote if we want to watch Now TV, while I can demand load everything else via Google home. 


So my question is, are any of the Now TV devices able to integrate with Google Home? 


If not, are there any plans in the immediate future?



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Coming back on this old thread to se if any progress has been made?


We have a home assistant setup of multiple nest mini V2 speakers, which are great. We also have the square Nowtv boxes which weve had a few years in most rooms, linked to disney, nowTV and Netflix, which have also been excellent!


The quandary we want to control the devices by our google nest. We hoped buying a chromecast would work, but were horrified to find that 1) they're dearer £28 vs £20 for the newer NowTV stick in B&M bargains. 2) they dont have remotes (fine if they work perfectly with your voice/phone) 3) The big one! You cant install apps directly on the chromecast so NowTV is only watchable by kicking the app off one phone then choosing to cast to TV, not ideal in a family setting especially if having guests.


So does any NowTV playing device offer voice control from Google assistant or Alexa?


@Anonymous User 


Yes... The Amazon Firestick does.


You'll find its a cheap alternative.  If you buy now you'll get the standard one for £24.99 or the 4K one for £29.99


Being an amazon product of course its Alexa compatible and since Now stopped their Roku partnership and no longer offer an 'official' box or stick... the Amazon one seems the de facto choice for Now and is 'unofficially' at least the preferred option.


Also, being amazon... buy it.. try it... and send it back if you aren't happy.


@Anonymous User 


The latest Chromecast does have a remote.


But why the emphasis on voice control? We have Alexa, Nests, a Firecube with a voice remote, and it’s a crapshoot if any of the commands, some of which seem to need to be excessively long, work as intended. And I speak RP, and my wife is a GPO-trained telephonist. (She is understood slightly better than me, admittedly).


We get on best with an LG Magic Remote, which changes its personality according to the device you are addressing, so we can seamlessly start the Roku Stick plugged into our LG TV, and use it via the Magic Remote, including voice on that remote.


We still use an Echo Show and some Nest devices, and they make very useful timers, ‘browsers’, radios/streamers and Philips Hue light controllers, but if they act properly on two out of every three commands that’s a good result.


And if they mishear, then they don’t go anywhere too strange on those devices, but if they mishear a command in Prime Video, hoo boy, they take a good deal of rescuing to get back where you were.




The Firestick/Alexa can get you to Now, but can it get you into Now?


And/or if it can, or if you get yourself into Now, can it control anything by voice when you are in there?


And I've dug out a Firestick to try this, but I can’t find the Now app it’s supposed to have these days. Or is it only the later generations that can have this?



Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it.
Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now.
That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.