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Frustrated new user: simple questions, I think!

Leaving the frustration of going around and around in circles trying to get help from NowTV aside, there are the simple questions I wanted to ask, probably with equally simple answers...

I have bought Now! broadband. After a ######-up by BT/Openreach it's up and running. Great. I also bought Now! Cinema, and received a password on joining (over the phone). I also was asked for a password, which I told the Now! broadband operator. I now [sic] have two passwords and an email address.

Q1. My instructions were to 'simply (ha!) install the Now! app on your smarty-pants TV and enter the password'. How do I find the app on my TV, and if I could, which password should I use - it takes ages to enter any characters using my TV remote control.

The TV is a Hitachi 48HK6T74U

Q2. How do I also install the app on my dad's TV, a Sony Bravia 60XF8305?

Both are smarty-pants TVs.

Q3. I have forgotten my password to log onto Now! on my PC (I can only use this PC because it's already logged-in). I used the 'reset password' button and a link was sent to my email. The instructions were to enter a password with 'minimum 10 character including numbers'. That I have done, but the screen does not give any indication that the new password has been accepted. What should I see?

Q4. Do I need to buy additional equipment to install this app to my smarty-pants tellies?

Regards, Bill (getting on a bit, confused by technology and its jargon)



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@Anonymous User 

Is the Sony TV Android 8 software?

See this link for current supported devices to watch NOW.


  • 2016 models and later

Only Sony Smart TVs running Android OS 8.0 or later are supported

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @Anonymous User 

Normally NOW will give you a voucher code to activate one of their TV Memberships that usually starts with NOW and will be a combination of letters and numbers about 12 to 14 characters in length.

You would normally then add that voucher code under your online account under My Membership.

Your Hitachi TV is not supported with regards to the NOW TV Membership App.

If you haven't got a suitable device to connect to HDMI on the link that @gavs82008 provided then look at something like an Amazon Fire Stick or Roku streaming device.

Out of curiosity what OS does the Hitachi Smart TV run on, where I couldn't find much information about the model ?

The Sony Smart TV is from around 2018 and runs Android, so I would imagine the NOW App would be within the Sony Apps Store or in the Google Play Apps Store on the television.

If you can't find it try using the search feature when under the Sony Apps Store on the television screen.

Once you downloaded the NOW App on the Sony Smart TV, open it up and if a QR scan code appears on screen close it (usually by pressing enter or ok on the remote) then navigate down to the bottom grid row of the NOW App home screen page and click on My Account tile box and enter your email address and updated password which was used to setup the NOW account.

If you and your Dad are going to share the NOW Cinema Membership, please note that without the additional Boost TV Membership you are restricted to one NOW stream at a time (Boost gets you up to three plus other benefits)

Never done a password change or reset myself using NOW but see if this NOW linked article below offers any advice. 


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Hi @Anonymous User 

I posted the wrong NOW help article.

Have a read of this link article below if you have forgotten the NOW password on your account.