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Firestick app - frame rate matching?

Hi all, just wondered if it’s a bug in the app or firestick itself. However, even with frame rate matching set to on, the now tv app plays at 60hz instead of its native 50hz. 

amazon and bt sport apps automatically change their refresh rates to the correct one. Why is now tv not doing the same?


I get that some people won’t notice. However, I have a q90t which doesn’t handle 50hz streams into 60hz very well so end up with lots of judder/stutter. 

The roku Now app automatically adjusts the display for the app so was hoping firestick would do the same. 


I know I can manually change the settings in firestick but then I have to keep changing settings when I want to watch different apps. Unless there is a way to force certain apps like Now to display at 50hz?


thanks everyone. 

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Re: Firestick app - frame rate matching?

Hi @Daveyboy12345 


From my understanding the "Match Frame Rate" function doesn't work on every App on the Fire Stick.


Unfortunately the NOW App is in this bracket, though i would like to see it implemented by NOW myself.


Maybe drop NOW an email asking for this functionality on their App using the Amazon Fire devices.





Like everybody else i need to force 50hz on my Amazon 4K Fire Stick to watch NOW Sports with my Boost Membership which is a pain in the backside.


My Roku Stick Plus does a great job over the NOW App with the Auto frame rate adjustment.


The problem i am getting with my Amazon 4K Fire Stick is that i am seeing annoying random micro stuttering even on 50hz which is getting on my nerves (see my posts in this linked thread below).