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Fire TV Integration

I have to say, using Now TV on the Fire TV Stick, "4K" in the living room and "Lite" in the bedroom is by far my best experience of Now TV. I have used now tv in the past on Roku, Now TV Stick, Youview and a 2020 Model Samsung TV but the Fire TV has the best overall experience and quality.


However, I do feel the app has been rushed out. It's quite clearly the app that was made for Sony  android TV's as the app is telling me press the red button to search, which obviously isn't on a fire remote. I had to search online to find its a long press of OK to get to search and the TV guide, this must confuse so many people.


I wonder will there be a Fire TV version of this app in development and will it be full integrated with the Fire OS like all other apps. I have noticed promos for sky shows on the fire tv homepage simple just open the now tv app and not take you to that show plus no content in the search function.


The new Live TV guide is what I am most interested in, currently works with TVPlayer and MY5 so it would be great to have a full TV guide to see the whole as thats what now tv is missing, plus have Sky channels next to Freeview channels all in one place.

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User 

Excellent suggestion re the Live TV. Also I agree about the "red button" aspect for Amazon Fire devices.


As this is a customer forum there is only so much we can do. Perhaps its best to drop customer service an email with your points. 

See below picture for email address.

Customer services Now TV.jpeg

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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It is beyond a doubt the best experience i've had of NowTV as well I have never liked the way it work on the AppleTV and would never go back to that experience. LiveTV on Firestick is an interesting thing that Amazon are doing it will be interesting if they can get BBC and ITV on board with it.