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Existing Customer - How do I Use the NowTV App on Amazon Fire TV Stick?


I wonder if anyone can help me please - I'm going round and round in circles.

I'm an existing NowTV customer who has put the NowTV app on our Fire TV Stick.  Once launched, I get a QR code and a link to (presumably) activate the app online here:

Once online, it seems to all be geared towards new customers and the page is full of 'Choose Your Pass' buttons / links

I'm not exactly an IT novice but this has got me baffled.  No idea why something so straightforward doesn't appear to be so?  I've had no issues logging into BBCiPlayer, All4, My5 etc

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance

PS - this isn't actually about Roku but I had to click on a label in order to post!

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Hi @Anonymous User 


What you are seeing is just some NowTV advertising when you downloaded the NowTV App on the Fire Stick.


If you highlight or click on the small x box by the advert using the enter button on the Fire Stick remote the NowTV App should then appear on your television screen.


Then to login into the NowTV App navigate towards the bottom of the NowTV home screen page and click on the My Account tile box, then sign in with your NowTV account login details.

Anonymous User
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I have NowTV through BT and it won't let me log on to the app on the Fire Stick - it doesn't recognise my username or password but that's what I have logged in on my phone etc.