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Error 6003

Have had to reset my youview box and now getting this message. And I've got a free slot in devices
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Re: Error 6003

Hi and welcome to the forum @Bonham,


As you may or may not be aware, the NOW TV service permits you to register up-to four playback devices and view their service on up-to two at the same time on the same NOW TV account. You can find out which devices you currently have registered by selecting the: 'My Account' button and accessing 'Manage Devices'.


Ordinarily you are permitted to change one registered device per month, which comes into effect at the beginning of the next new month. However, if you require 'forced' device limit resetting, this needs to be carried out by a NOW TV representative. But please be aware they are not obligated to carry out this service...


You can contact a NOW TV representative via the forums 'Live Chat' facility or 'Send us a message' facility by using a Windows or Mac computer, not a mobile device, as their web browsers are not sophisticated enough to display 'pop-up' windows (ie: windows within windows). Also, Mac or IOS device users will require JavaScript support enabled in their Safari internet browsers. Here's what you need to do: -


  • Click on the following: How To Contact NOW TV link.
  • To 'Send us a message', click on the light blue 'Send Message' button.
  • To start a 'Live Chat', click on the dark blue 'Chat online' button.
  • A new 'What can we help you with today?' pop-up window should open up.
  • Click on the 'Request Chat' button.



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