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Entertainment not showing up

I have a bt box which and just been set up and on my now tv app all I can see is movies there’s not even an option for entertainment or catch up. It’s driving me insane i always watch catch up on there. Can anyone suggest why there’s no entertainment or catch up on there please?
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Re: Entertainment not showing up

@Liz899 The full Now TV service is due to arrive on BT TV boxes sometime during the summer.


What does this mean for BT TV customers?

Sky will make our NowTV streaming service available on the BT TV set-top-box. As a retail agent, BT will sell NowTV on Sky’s behalf, offering BT TV customers access to NowTV’s most popular channels including Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Sky Witness, Sky Sports and Sky Cinema.


Meaning just now only the Cinema pass is available to watch on BT TV boxes. 

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