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Does Now TV Support HD?

Hello - 


I am looking to purchase both Now TV with their Entertainment pass and their Now TV broadband.


But I can't find any information around whether HD is supported or not?


I'll be watching Now TV via my Apple TV or I may buy the Now TV box. 




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Hi Everyone,


Thank you for your interest in NOW TV BOOST, some of our new features and functionality which includes streaming in 1080p. We recently made it available to a select group of our customers with NOW TV devices to make sure we were ready for a full launch. We don’t think it’s quite ready yet, so we’re going to turn it off to make some further improvements. 


If you have been charged, we will be refunding you and you should receive the money back into your bank account within 5 days. We will be in touch as soon as BOOST is ready to go live across a range of devices later this year. Thank you for your support for NOW TV.




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If you want an answer from the Now TV staff it might be best to tag them in. 


@Anonymous User Are you able to provide an update if at all on the Boost Pass for 1080p? 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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It would be great to have this but have been thinking about cancelling at next renewal as we seem to watch netflix and prime much more these days - both of which offer 5.1 sound and 4K which makes Now TV seem like the dark ages.  Therefore am not sure if I would stump up extra  - though maybe if like Netflix it also included extra simultaneous streams and 4K in a native app on my Android TV