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Device list empty but can't add new device.



I am receiving the following message on one of our 5 TV's:  Could not register device. Maximum allowed registered devices exceeded.


The devise list in my account has been  showing as empty for around 4 days now with 6 vacant slots, despite NowTV continuing to work on four of our 5 TV's.


The device list was showing all TV's until earlier this week but all have now disappeared for some reason. 


It's just one TV that gives us the message about not being able to register the device as registered devices exceeded, which obviously isn't the case.


I have spoken with CS via online chat and they have supposedly reset everything but the device list is still empty despite NowTV still working on 4 of our 5 TV's.  I have signed in/our of the 5th TV to no avail as I'm still receiving the same message. 


Any ideas? 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Bit of a long shot, maybe factory reset the TV / device that is giving you the trouble, then jump back over to NowTV live chat again to see if they will reset all the devices on your account.


Then once live chat have reset your device slots once again, then the first TV/ Device that i would attempt to re register on your account by playing some NowTV content on it be the TV / Device giving you the problem.


It's a bit of a shot in the dark to be honest.

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Every few months they have to reset my account because of this.  Most of the time I can only see them if I log in with user name. Email log in doesn't even show any account or payment details and asks me to pay again. 


I've finally got them to escalate this now it's happened 5 times in 8 months. 


We can view and add devices until finally even username log in suffers the same fate and we need an account reset.