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Device limit reached / bogus devices / trouble displaying devices

Hi all.


I normally use 2 Roku Expresses to watch NowTV, Netflix, Prime, etc. but I also have a PC, tablet and NowTV stick registered. 5 devices in total. I don't use the stick because it runs hot.


Last night, on one Roku, I received the message that I'd reached my device limit but I haven't added or swapped any for months.


When I logged in to my account, I got the message "We're having trouble displaying your devices", so I couldn't do anything about it. This morning, I tried my second Roku and got the same message but I still couldn't view my devices. I normally use Brave but I tried Firefox and I was then able to view them. (?!)


It showed 3 Rokus, none of which had been used since June/July and didn't have the names I'd given to my 2.


So, I deleted them and when I logged in to mine again, they showed up in the list. Of course, now I've used 2 of my 3 changes for this month.


I found in another thread that some devices can be duplicated after a software update but one post said that Rokus don't do this. There was a new version available when I checked this morning, so I forced an update on both and they haven't duplicated.


I'd just like to know if this is a common/regular problem. I don't think I've had an issue with Netflix or Prime but I've had several with NowTV.



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This happened to me today as well.  A Roku I have been using every weekend suddenly gave me the message today that I had reached my device limit, even though it was registered as one of my devices.  I removed a device (but not the Roku) to see what would happen, and the Roku registered itself as a different device, thereby now showing two Rokus registered in my account, even though both entries related to the same physical box.  I got on to Live Chat who deleted the two Roku entries for me and reset the number of changes so I could add the Roku back in again without losing my changes for this month.  I don't know what's going on, as I've never had any problems with my Roku before.

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I see a few more people have had this issue.

I didn't think to use chat to sort it but hopefully I won't need any more changes this month.

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How do I reset my limit because I can’t watch anything 

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Your best bet is to get on to Live Chat and explain what has happened .  They are able to reset device limits for you.


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Well Guys


Thanks to this thread, I now see that my Roku 3 has been duplicated since 29th November last year.


Now, it unknown to me whether a Roku OS or Now TV site update has caused this duplication problem but there is a problem where none existed before.


I'll probably delete the icon showing the old duplicate later today, not quite sure if anything else can be done.



UK Bob