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Device Limit Reached



New to this Device Limit thing. Just realised Mobile and Chromecast device is 2 devices. When I had issues casting in another room (another phone so that was my limit of 3 devices reached for Sky Sports) I deleted all my devices. Now I've only got 1 mobile working and cant add any other, even the original devices. How do you get in touch with NowTV to do a reset? Its telling me I have to wait until October! 😞

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@Anonymous User 
Yeah I had noticed that in the past. Very annoying that it takes up 2 slots. 
Best way to get past this is to use a device that you’ll probably use often such as a iPad for the “casting” device.


Head onto Live chat to see what they can do to help out

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help