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Delay when watching on Chromecast



I’ve noticed the last few weeks that, when watching Now TV on Chromecast, there is a huge time delay. In fact, I’ve just timed it a couple of times and when I’m casting from either my Android phone or iPad to my Chromecast, the broadcast is 80-85 seconds behind when I’m not casting - ie when I’m watching directly on either of those devices’ screens.  I have a Chromecast 2 in my bedroom and a Chromecast Ultra in my living room and it happens on both devices.  I’ve tried rebooting my router but there’s no change.  It’s pretty annoying when on social media or if someone texts me commenting on an incident that I have not yet seen!


I’ve also look in the Chromecast settings in the Google home app but there doesn’t seem to be any relevant settings to tweak.


Any ideas would be appreciated.





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Re: Delay when watching on Chromecast

Surely other people must have this issue? It only happens on Chromecast.  There is only a minimal delay (less than 30 seconds) on iOS or when watching on a Now TV box which is about what I’d expect for online streaming.  

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