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Deals on subscriptions

My voucher has nearly expired so I logged into my acount to cancel, and they have offered me 4 months entertainment pack for £3.49 a month, so I clicked yes. For this price the poor quality of the app is worth it but not a full price. I f you really want NOWtv look for the deals, I still have a £15 voucher to use that allowa 3 months entertainment. In the two years I have been with NOWtv via the apple app I have only paid full price a couple of times, I awlays looks for deals and voucher cards in the supermarket. The app isn't worth the full asking price, but the deals are worth paying if required. As long as you click can't afford it when you cancel they always offer a deal.

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Re: Deals on subscriptions

The 12 month Entertainment & Cinema Pass deal for £99 that came up on Black Friday & New Years Eve deals last year were pretty good. Whilst the Apple TV app is indeed well behind the times, the deal was very good indeed for the content on offer. Hoping for another similar deal around Christmas/New Year this year.


Would love Sky Q but £99 for a years worth of content, even at 720p, is more than worth it (for family viewings of Supergirl alone). £99 would just about cover 2 months for the same content via Sky Q.


Yes the Apple TV app could be quite a bit better than it is. Whilst watching the format shattering episode 8 of Twin Peaks The Return last year via Now TV/Apple Tv, I couldn’t have given a tinkers cuss about the quality of the app.


Good pointers on NowTv offers though, hope others can make use of them.

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