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Chromecast shouldn't count as device

It's rediculous that the Chromecast counts as a device. It should be you can only cast from a registered device.


Now TV needs to sort this out. Having a device limit is bad enough (in my oppinion that and the 30 day watching history puts NowTV easily in at least 3rd place behind Netflix and Amazon), but not being able to use Chromecasts makes it worse.


I have a tablet, a phone, a living room Roku and a kitchen TV registered, but I can't then use the service from my laptop or bedroom TV. I should be able to use Chromecasts to cast from my phone (as the registered device) to any TV I choose. (Why they have a device limit anyway is a mystery when no other service has this, especially as you can't even stream on all of the registered devices at the same time).


If you agree with this, please add a "me too" post. Hopefully with enough noise about this, NowTV will change their policy.



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Re: Chromecast shouldn't count as device

Hi bchris999

I absolutely agree with you I have a Tv, iPad, black box in the kitchen and an iPhone that I had to take off, to put my Chromcast on.

as I only use my Chromecast in hotel rooms to caste from my iPad very occasionally I can’t use my iPhone anymore for said reason 

I could of course register the iPhone then re register the Chromecast every time I go away, but as you say very annoying 

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