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Chromecast not connecting anymore Android device (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3)

A couple of weeks ago the NowTV app stopped connecting to my Chromecast. It doesn't recognise the Chromecast anymore, it asks me if I want to connect to a nearby device, and when I enter the pin, it doesn't connect. It doesn't tell me why. The Chromecast can still connect to my tablet otherwise, and I can watch content i.a. from the Netflix app amongst others. So this is specific to the Now TV app which used to work fine but now just stopped, I have not changed anything, same wifi, same router, same OS on my tablet, same Chromecast. I have reset both twice now to no effect.  Please can you help/fix the issue?


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Legend 5

@Anonymous User You are best going on to live chat and see what help they can offer. 🙂


Click the link and then the green contact us button at the bottom. Then select "live chat".

Best on a PC/Mac.

I am not staff, I am a customer that likes to help,
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