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Re: Chromecast counts as device

This 4 Device limit is totally outrageous. I'm getting frustrated on a daily basis. I have 2 Chromecasts in this household and they have sapped two of the 4 available device slots. I had to give up the ability of using my iPad to watch on when I'm out of the house so that my elderly mother can get to use her tablet. And that just leaves another TV as a device. I can forget about watching on iPad, smartphone, laptops.

Seriously, this is a two-person houshold and we regularly can't comfortably watch just one stream without whishing there were extra device slots left.

i know I've heard some say that 4 limits is all because of the contract with the live channels, but to be honest, we don't use the live channels and I really dont think that rationale stands up too well considering a few factors that I won't bring up here. I can see from the posts that the number of frustrated users is increasing. Hopefully BowTV take a page out of Netflix's book and put some effort into giving people what they want. It interesting how my Netflix account remains active and the Movies and Entertainment passes on my NowTV keep getting cancelled by me numerous times over the past two years primarily due to the frustrations and the fact I tend to use it less because it's not an enjoyable experience. Forgive me if I've gone on more than I should -I like the NowTV concept, but they really are too much as a company at times. 

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