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Catch-up, Recently Added tab needs revising.

Please can we have a proper catch-up tab with the Entertainment section? 


The tab should list the last programmes to have aired on the the channels available on NOW TV and that are available with the service. Content added, like box sets, should be on a separate tab like "New to NOW TV".


At the end of the day after I know things like Elementary or Instinct have aired, they should be at the top of the catch-up tab, sometimes they're not even listed, sometimes the catch-up isn't even there.


It would be neat if the programmes could be filtered by channel or a catch-up tab was added to each channels tab. I like having a New to NOW TV tab as it highlights returning box sets and other things, but the catch-up tab is sadly lacking at the moment. "Recently Added" seems to be a mixture of the new content and newly added box sets.