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Cannot log into sky store on now tv box

Hello. I am having issues with sky store on my now tv black box.

I never sign out, but seems my bedroom, front room and daughters TV have all been signed out of sky store. When I go to log on, it keeps saying it’s having difficulties signing me in, and to try again.

When I sign in to the sky store on my phone, it works.

After putting this into a sky store forum, it seems other people with now tv boxes are having the exact same issue!

Can you please shed some light onto this?

I’ve turned off my tv and now tv box by the wall and waited for a few minutes or so, several times now, then turned back on. It hasn’t made any difference. 

My other apps like Netflix and prime video are working fine.

Very odd that I can sign in using my phone just not my boxes, the same as at least three others (who have responded to my forum question on sky store)


Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’ve paid for a box set which I’ve been watching every night, so it’s a bit frustrating I can’t watch something I’ve purchased, on my tv!

Thank you in advance for any response.

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Hi @Natalie2 

According to this screenshot Tweet below Sky are aware of it which is affecting quite a few different devices.




Thank you for your response 🙂 

Least they’re aware and working on it.

Thanks again.