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Buffering only happens with NOWTv

So I have seen so many people with the same issue with NOWTV. Netflix Disney Amazon all stream perfect. But NOWTv buffers every time.  I have seen alleged fixes that are not fixes. This is not an internet issue at user end this is a NOWTv problem. What are you doing to fix the problem you clearly have with your service. 

I don't want to hear sorry you feel like that I want an actual answer that doesn't say it is user internet speed. 

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You ain’t talking to staff on here and you won’t either. 
We are just customers like you on here so can give you advice and point you in the direction to get help.

What device are you talking about? As you haven’t said in your post.

What are you trying to watch, Live or on demand?

Do you have boost?

Is the device connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Cheers gavs, 

So I have Boost. 
I have tried watching Live/series catch up/films 

I watch through NowTV stick, Amazon Stick and smart TV. 

I stream Disney, BBC, ITV, Amazon Prime, You name it, I stream it. and no other service buffers. Only NOWTV

Tried both Ethernet and Wifi, both buffer with NOW TV and no other service buffers. 

this is not a user wifi error.
By the sheer volume of people here with exactly the same issue, all having the same error. Is proof this is a NOWTV issue. 

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For the fire stick and smart TV can I assume you’ve deleted and reinstalled the app?

Can I also assume you’ve unplugged the router and also device for a few minutes?

All I can suggest is to report to staff either by live chat or email support.

Go to live chat by clicking “Chat online” within the green box. Don’t hit “get help quicker” as this is a bot.

With email you might be able to send pictures/videos. See below picture for the email address.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Yes ha ha done all that. It is obviously NOWTV at their end, they clearly dont have a system capable to deal with demand. Doing it on the cheap. As soon as I dont need it for Last of Us I will ditch it. Its like 1997 downloading! lol

Thanks mate. Its good to offload. 😉

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Definitely odd as I’ve had very little issues with streaming on demand content for NOW, been watching a few shows this week including the outstanding Last of Us and the Chicago’s. That being said I mainly use my Sony Bravia TV with the native app and from time to time my Amazon Fire stick.

When it does have a melt down which is on occasion I end up leaving it be for a day or so. It usually resolves after a while though. 

Don’t get me wrong I’m not going to lie as I’ve seen many posters with my time on the forum where they have serious issues with the same devices. 

As much as I like the fire stick it can be a pain due to being constantly updated what can only be described as daily at times!

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

I use a Sony Bravia tv and NOWTV stick for BBCIplayer and ITV. but Amazon firestick for 4k films

 I just spoke to someone and they tried the internet speed bull. 

I asked them if 1080 takes 12mbps. and buffers (NOWTV)
why does Amazon firestick 4k with a demand of 25MBPS stream absolutely perfectly. 

she said I dont understand what 4k is?!?! and tried again to say it was internet speed?! Eesh. I despair. 

Last of Us was superb tonight notwithstanding the buffering hahah. 


So which device are you watching NOW TV on? I honestly don't understand the issue. I have never had the problem you describe. 


You must be the only one. I have scrolled though hundreds and hundreds of people all having the same issue. 

I watch on 

I have a solid 65,MBPS 

DISNEY - perfect
APPLE - Perfect
AMAZON PRIME - Perfect even at 4K (which needs a solid 25mbps)
IPLAYER - Perfect
ITV - Perfect
NOWTV 1080p needs a solid 12mbps and buffers. 

So this has to be NowTV issue. Not user issue. 


I understand this is not what you want to hear.... it's always good to vent after all!

However, as critical as I am about many aspects of NOW's service... I have to say that I have never experienced any buffering watching NOW.

Although it certainly seems to be NOW, in your case, at fault - I just want to offer the balancing perspective that this isn't happening to everyone.

These things are always tough to diagnose and even more annoying when there are no sensible suggestions of things you can check.  NOW will never accept responsibility and will blame your network or ISP.