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Boost - Apple TV 4k

Can someone confirm that Boost IS now available for the NowTV app on the 4K Apple TV?


As far as I can tell it seems to be 1080P with NO 5.1 sound. Is this right?


Is 5.1 sound coming to the Boost on 4K Apple TV?

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There is already a very comprehensive thread on the subject:




NO.  Astonishingly NowTV think that's its OK to launch Boost on AppleTV and leave off 5.1 sound (and charge the full boost sub fee).


As we all know AppleTV is vastly capable of 5.1 so why NowTV seemed incapable of providing a 5.1 sound stream on their content within the app is mind blowingly incomprehensible.


Are they planning to?  Well they say they are.  When?  Goodness only knows.  Its been more than a month since launch and no sign of an update - the app itself was in public beta for 8 months and they knew full well about boost from the start and they promised boost support for launch but not this half baked option.


Some people seem quite content to accept the boost service without 5.1 as maybe they don't have 5.1 sound systems... and that's fine for them.

I watch a lot of movies, and TV shows that are supposed to have a 5.1 soundtrack and I have a decent 5.1 sound system, so its not acceptable for me to get the service without what I feel is a vital component of an HD service.  Picture goes hand in hand with sound.



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