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Best Apple TV 4K video Mode



Been playing with this for a few weeks and think I’ve found the best setting in fact it delivers really great smooth video the best Ive seen Accra’s any deveined including Native smart TV/black Now TV box and Chromecast.


The setting is in the secondary video sections and it Called 4K SDR 25 HZ


I think the reason its so good is the Apple TV is natively upscalling content to 4K so the TV thinks its 4K and isn’t trying to do any more upscaling at an inferior level.


And the 25HZ is ensuring a native frame rate to the broadcast 25 FPS as opposed to the double 50HZ which is mostly on offer on other devices.


and then of course any HDR upscaling is also switched off


Happy testing



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Since the release of 11.2 there has been a feature called "match content" in the video settings screen. This allows the ATV 4K to switch to both the correct dynamic range, and the correct frame rate when content is played. Turn both of these on. 


I have the UI set to 4K SDR 60hz, as that provides nice smooth scrolling in the interface and it negates unnecessary changing from SDR to HDR, as at present most content is still in SDR. It works with every app I've tried, except Now TV (surprise surprise).  Once you've become used to your TV precisely matching the frame rate of the content, be that 24 frames per second, 25, or 30, it's quite a shock to go back to how things used to be with 24fps content being mangled into 60fps using something called 3:2 pulldown. 


It makes the already abysmal Now TV app even more of a bad joke. Apple really should kick it off the app store. It's stinking the place out. 

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I keep mine in 50 HZ 4K SDR all apps match content as required and this compensated for now tv