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Back again, and dissapointed

Hello all,


Not looking to annoy but I had completely forgotten until purchasing a new now TV subscription as to why I keep shunning this service. Some of its content actually intrigues me especially with the HBO rights being acquired by Sky and most HBO shows are of (at least to me personally) high calibre. I have an apple TV box and having access to a variety of optional tv content is always something I appreciate even if I wish it was all under one banner that I pay for instead of being traded piecemeal between different providers. The inclusion of original content has changed that somewhat but its still something I wish could be consolidated more.


There was recently a call for interactive content (video games) to go this route, I'm glad it hasn't fundamentally for the above reason... with that said on to my problem. 


While I find the trappings of elusive content annoying its something I can handle I just pick my moments and dart in and out when I want to watch something.


Amazon prime I keep around more then most as it comes with quicker delivery times as well as a good range of digital content.


Netflix I periodically go back to for its originals and how its interface and app features are on point something which apple tv failed to do until I purchased the official box - the ability to auto-play...


Ah yes, auto-play something which to date is still missing from now TV despite it being a key feature for most customers... and ultimately the reason I walk away from this service having watched very little content... EVERY TIME. Opting instead to find other means to view their digital range of content that doesn't involve me having to be involved after every damn episode.


To everyone here who likes clicking every single episode of a 6, 8, 12, 16, 24 episode season - good for you, some of us don't. Some of us like to hit play and do other things while the episodes wind down or at least like to have the option to do so. At this point I have to assume there is some metric required of these platforms that likes to account the viewers participation and for viewing numbers or something similar that they are in fact engaging with every episode of a show. 


Incompetence would have been believable but as its a simple auto-play feature I fail to believe these companies are that dense. While I know there is support for stopping things after each episode there is simply no excuse for people who are sometimes idling or doing other things while listening to their favourite shows who don't like to stop what they are doing because their streaming service wants to log their confirmation on yet another episode of house or Dexter. 


Being afforded the option to turn auto-play "on" or "off" would be a perfectly sound middle ground and keep both customer bases happy instead of forcing a model that is insufficient for some. I get annoyed when I'm asked to confirm after 5-6 episodes on Netflix but its still better then a single damn episode on NOW. Its why I consider a lot of these content providers out of touch when their apps never make things easy on their customers or give them options instead of forcing bad or lack of features. Auto-play is a barebones basic that all content providers should be including for their long form content. Its absence on some still baffles the ever loving hell out of me.


Seriously why is such a basic feature missing? I am gonna cancel again once I've taken note of some of your shows and find ways to play them in a more binge friendly method either via apple tv or something else. I would rather use your service as its more affordable but with a lack of basic features I am forced to reconsider my investment with you every single time. 


Its really annoying and quite frankly its probably the last time I do until you offer this basic feature.

Scholar 2

Well, that was a rollercoaster. Thanks for confirming. Knowing Now/Apple TV I look forward to seeing this feature in 2028.