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BT Youview

Hi does anyone know the stream quality codes as when I'm streaming through the App on BT Youview the program is in HD but showing a stream quality of 128 but sometimes it shoots up to either 4*** or even 7*** but the image quality doesn't change. It's all very confusing 🙄

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Hi @Anonymous User 


I don't use my Youview Box as often has my NowTV 4K Smart box, but have noticed this myself when watching either Sports or Cinema, where if i press the info button on the Youview remote it seems to show the 7831 figure constant for me.


Where for some reason when watching an Entertainment show in HD via the NowTV App on the Youview box the information (which i am assuming is the streaming quality rate ?) fluctuates more where i seem get the lower information rate figure, but to my eyes it doesn't effect the quality of the Entertainment picture where it still looks 1080p HD to me.


Perhaps somebody who is more familiar with the Youview Platform Hardware could explain more ?

Anonymous User
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It's probably throwing out some odd codes because of how its streamed via
Youview. I'm connected via Ethernet at 120meg and it only takes a couple of
seconds to switch to full HD (hd boost) but that code doesn't change. It's
probably just not changing the code dynamically...