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BT Broadband have blocked access to Now TV Movies

BT Broadband have just blocked access to Now TV Movies via my Humax Youview Box which I own. The message, which appears on my TV when I try to log in says I need to upgrade to a BT Box. I obviously don't want to upgrade a perfectly good box, or to get another box from BT instead of own my box. BT deny all knowledge of sending me this message, but it is clearly from them. Having been all around the houses trying to sort this out with BT, they ended up telling me they had no idea who the originator of this message was, or who has blocked my access to Now TV. To cap it all, the BT sales team are now trying to sell me a package which includes a free box and a whole bunch of stuff that I neither want nor need. Is this a cynical sales pitch, or are there some licensing issues between BT/Now TV/Humax? Has anyone else experienced this? Have you managed to resolve this? Cheers.

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Re: BT Broadband have blocked access to Now TV Movies

Hi @Marcus62

Apparently some of the older YouView boxes don't support the NowTV App anymore Smiley Sad

More info here

Here's the models that are now not supported.

Keep in mindOlder YouView boxes that look like those below (model numbers DTR-T1000, DTR-T1010 and Talk Talk's DN370T box) will no longer support NOW TV from December 2018.






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