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Re: Auth Error on Apple TV

Couldn’t agree more with the previous poster, if the system can’t handle highly predictable surges in demand, I won’t be renewing. We had to huddle round an iPad for GoT last night... not very helpful but the only way to avoid workplace spoilers!

Re: Auth Error on Apple TV

Just been on a chat with Now TV. Apparently you can't have special characters (symbols) in your passwords. It has to be alphanumeric only otherwise the Apple TV (3rd Gen at least) can't log in. Hope this information is helpful to others that are stuck on the "We do not recognise either your username, or your password. Check your details and try again." screen.


I've requested that this information is added to the website.

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Re: Auth Error on Apple TV

Hmmm. If Apple App really can’t handle symbols then the app code is about 5 years out of date and needs sorting as it’s definitely not secure.

Regardless, my NowTV on Apple has been working for the last 3 years, no problems, changed passwords half a dozen times, never a problem. Then 10 minutes before the busiest TV event of the last 5 years it stops working. 20 minutes after said ‘busiest TV event’ ends, it starts working again.

doesnt take a genius to work out that NowTV couldn’t deal with the load and just haven’t invested enough in their web server farm infrastructure.

despite hiking subscription by 20%.

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Re: Auth Error on Apple TV

I came across the same problem recently - mine is is Apple 3rd Gen. I searched the forum and it seemed to be an ongoing issue.  Having tried resetting the router without success I decided to do a full system reset.


1. Use another device to remove the NowTV App from your Apple TV.

2. If not already done - reset your router.

3. Now do a full factory reset of your Apple TV.  Mine took about 20 mins and the software/firmware was updated even though I had "automatic updates" set in the Apple TV.

4. Re-connect to your wifi and follow usual setup procedure (do not add any VPN/DNS settings other than those automatically configured by your router).

5. Install the NOWTV App if it isn't showing (mine was already present on the home page).

When I did all this my NowTV App worked.  This is only day 1 so I will do an update to this post if the App fails to work in the near future.

Good Luck

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