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AppleTV4K 1610 login forbidden

I’ve Given up trying to login on my AppleTV 4K box.

Looking at the internet this error seems at least 3years old and still now have not resolved it - good luck on taking on Netflix and Prime - i’ve Already cancelled my free 1 month trial


if get password wrong then I get a password wrong error - that’s fine and to be expected.


However if I use the correct password (that works on a nowtv stick and on Apple ipad and Apple phone) I get the dreaded  1610 fail to login error message.

I’ve tried deleting app (several times) including then unplugging appletv box then restarting appletv box then reinstalling app.  but I don’t think it’s clearing all the data as it still remembers several email accounts and the kids pass on the wife’s account (who also can’t log on).


before anyone suggests it I am not prepared to do a factory reset - Netflix, synched Apple Music and prime are all working perfectly.

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Re: AppleTV4K 1610 login forbidden

I’m so disappointed to see that this is still unanswered. Given that it’s a paid for service, the customer service is appalling. 


NowTV - please respond with someone other than resetting it to factory settings, because this shouldn’t be the only answer. 


Re: AppleTV4K 1610 login forbidden

Same error done all the tricks. It’s somehow cached a security token or something. 


I cannot log in. But I can on iPhone app. 

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