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AppleTV and Boost Price increase

Really sorry but I have to come here and vent.

The email has just arrived from NOW saying that boost will be INCREASING to £6 a month.

Oh.  My.  Goodness...... £6.

Boost costs almost as much as a whole Disney+ subscription which includes 4K AND ATMOS content FOR NOTHING.

I was expecting Boost to COME DOWN but no... its going UP and at a time when peoples finances are stretched.

I very much hope that this will be a catalyst for many Boost subscribers to cancel - this is an unjustified rip off especially as it only gives you measly 1080p which most services provide as a matter of course.

AND - on AppleTV where 2 years later they STILL cant be bothered to provide full Boost functionality with a 5.1 soundtrack....

I hope that every AppleTV owner who pays for boost now cancels as £6 a month is just beyond ridiculous.

/rant over.

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Cool, it's your choice.  🙂


Cool, if you believe that £6 per month is value for money on an AppleTV 😐

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Never seen the appe(a)l personally, see what I did there? 😉

And this from a Mac/iPhone/iPad/Apple watch user btw.  🙂

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Boost is normally free for a month when you take an offer and if you cancel boost you get an offer of £2/month.

Does anyone pay full price for Cinema, Sports, Entertainment or Boost?

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I am sure many do, who haven't had the benefit of visiting these forums. 😉

And I would say "occasionally," rather than normally.

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I might add that it is not inevitable that you get an offer on cancelling, or the price thereof.



absolutely not - you are right.

as mentioned below I dont have many offers anymore.

Many seem to think that you "never have to pay full price" for NOW - and there are some really good deals they dish out sometime.

I think the key could well be to juggle 2 separate accounts - let one go dormant for a while and when you return to it there are many decent offers.  Keeping the same account going for years as I seem to have done just means that those offers are thinner and thinner on the ground until they dry up altogether.


you say that....

ive taken advantage of the cancel/re-offer several times

However NOW seem to have had enough with me as I dont get them anymore.  Its all rather random.

When I last cancelled entertainment it didnt give me any offers so I just cancelled.  One week later I looked and I got an offer.

When I cancelled movies 2 weeks ago I didnt get an offer.. and still haven't.


Boost on the other hand has always been dubious value for money and in my opinion is something that should be provided at no extra cost given how antiquated 1080p is.  The most I feel is "reasonable" is £2 a month.  As I mentioned in the thread starter... are we really thinking that charging £6 a month is anything like reasonable when a Disney+ subscription... with all its content AND Atmos sound and 4K picture quality costs £7.99.  How are NOW coming up with these pricing decisions.

They have always been a bit colourblind when it comes to understanding their competition but given that the full priced movies, entertainment, and boost comes in at £25.98 and thats still only 1080p and 5.1 if you are lucky (not AppleTV users) and terrible software with a terrible interface....

people will vote with their feet.


It is also unwatchable on Apple TV4K which is one of the best streamers on the market. The picture quality on all the apps is significantly better than the built in apps and the interface is excellent. The Now app is clunky, the image is rubbish, and the sound is only 2 channel. As usual there will be the "why have an apple TV" brigade but if you have used one of the current players you will know how good it can be. I recently got a sky stream which I use for Sports and Movies etc, but Britbox, Netflix, Disney+ etc are all better looking on the apple TV. I did hope the Now app would be updated but there is no sign of it, but then again if everyone gets a sky stream they won't be in any rush.