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AppleTV App Beta

When is the AppleTV app Beta going to start, I got an email saying 2nd half of August & not heard anything since. Also will the App be delivered by Apple Test Flight?


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I'm hoping that it will include the option to use the Boost facility.

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I’m hoping it’s amazing and not an anticlimax haha
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So not only has the app not been updated in 4 years we have been treated like a bunch of idiots no communication and the people who done test flight last year were not told either. A shambles if ever I’ve seen one. 

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@Anonymous User this is interesting news.


Can you divulge what they said in the email?


We can only assume that the beta programme is a different version to that already released in Ireland and Italy - a good question to ask otherwise why go to the effort of beta testing it at all.


Also, any timeframes?


And how does one get themselves registered as a beta tester?


Any information gratefully received.

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I have no idea all I know is that it said it starts soon

hi is the trial started?

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Any updates ?

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Ive not heard a thing, be nice to have an update though

Was just wondering if it might not go ahead now due to the covid-19 situation?


Which would be a pity because self-isolation is likely to mean a perfect time to give the beta app (yet another) good bashing (as if all the previous bashings we’ve given it here weren’t enough 😂 )

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sorry guys.. but where have you got the idea that there is a trial coming.


There isn't.  Not for AppleTV.



p.s. coronavirus or not.. i wound have thought that would impact software unless their staff are all absent of course.

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People have said they have received emails about a new Apple TV trial starting. Why do you think you know that there isn’t one?

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oh, several reasons.


1.  I emailed NowTV asking to be a part of this so-called new trial that people have said they were emailed about.... NowTV replied and said there was no such trial for the AppleTV app.


2.  I tweeted the NowTV help account... and they also confirmed that there was not an AppleTV trial.


3.  I looked on the announcements forum... and I found the so-called new trial BUT its nothing to do with AppleTV - its a trial for the NowTV boxes.


For info...


So, though it gives me no pleasure to be right on this one.. I think thats pretty definitive as a NO.



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I have to admit NowTV seem to have the most disjointed trialling procedure I have ever come across.

Of course with trialling comes nda’s so no one can prove (officially) that what you have been told isn’t right. But I would certainly believe other people have been told different to what you have 😉

@nst what @Anonymous User said (para 2] 😂

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as much as, i am sure, we all like a conspiracy theory...


An NDA is in place to stop talking about details of the software being tested.  You are not allowed to discuss functionality, or whinge about bugs in public.


However, it would not have been some kind of super secret when they called for testers in the first place - as you can see on the link i provided.  The call for testers is quite open, quite public, and not at all secret.


There has been no such call for a "new version" of the AppleTV app.


The NDA would kick in for the selected testers once the trial begun.



@nst just to clarify then, you’re correct that there hasn’t been a call for trialists for this *recently* - in fact, if I recall correctly, there hasn’t been one since the original call way back in the distant past (probably getting on for 15 to 18 months ago now) - but I was emailed directly by the trials team earlier this month (March 2020] inviting me to participate in yet another trial to start soon. So something IS planned to be happening, but as yet no further details and nothing has happened.

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Thank you


My opinion is not based on any fact, just a logical extrapolation of what we can see.


Are you saying that the email you received is for a forthcoming trial specifically of the AppleTV app?


Im pretty sure you aren't breaking an NDA for confirming that a trial is forthcoming!



If so, then thats at least some positive news for all those on here wondering whats going on... at least that confirms that there is some activity around the app, and that therefore we can assume that there will be a replacement in due course.


Of course we know that a new version already exists for Ireland and Italy, and the perplexing issue is what is different about this UK bound version that couldn't have been released already.  There must be a difference after all.

@nst Correct. But - I still await further details from the trials team - And I have already expressed my concern (elsewhere on another thread around here) wondering if the Covid-19 issue might scupper it.


edit: just seen the call for trialists on another thread, and I see you @nst say you have signed up so 👍🏻

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indeed I have, thank you.


Its nice to see some official statement - thats pretty much all we wanted to be fair.


It looks like things will be moving but of course no timeframe.


We will have to be patient.


But patience is easier when you know that something is being actively done.

@nst agreed. I have been trialling the beta app since the start. Constrained by NDA in the past, so was previously unable to comment meaningfully, but since it all halted abruptly last November I have been just as frustrated by the lack of news, info etc. and have stated so on here. Anyway fingers crossed for “one last push” to begin soon and then a final version to launch in the UK...

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its interesting... and its also perplexing what this UK version will bring to the table that the already released Irish and Italian one does not.


Im assuming there is a difference otherwise we would all happily be using the Irish/Italian one by now.


Id be very happy to see AppleTV TV App integration - this is something that iPlayer, All4, Demand5, ITV Hub, and Amazon Video have managed.  Sadly Netflix have not.


Integrating the 'up next' functionality with the TV app would be fantastic.  Of course they could be choosing to not play nice like Netflix dont... which is a shame.


Time will tell then.