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AppleTV App Beta

When is the AppleTV app Beta going to start, I got an email saying 2nd half of August & not heard anything since. Also will the App be delivered by Apple Test Flight?


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I do believe Ireland is a full size beta (like Disney did in The Netherlands)


it’s all about time

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Be nice to see some images of it and what it’s like, you know to give us hope here haha

@Anonymous User  Exactly what I’ve been saying since it launched. Both U.K. and Ireland Now TV services are operated by Sky U.K. Limited. Not at all separate companies. Sky have definitely gotten a full size beta out there exactly like Disney did. I honestly think we’ll see it launch in the U.K. before years end. Now TV can’t afford to have a rubbish app anymore. It’s as simple as that. Apple TV+, Netflix and Prime all have solid apps. Disney+ is only just over four months away. It’s crunch time for Now TV on Apple TV now and they know it. 

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Does anyone know if NowTV is broadcasting at 50fps in Ireland or is it still a ######-poor 25fps?


I would hope, as I'm sure we all would, that the newer NowTV app is up and running soon on Apple TV. It's a disgrace there has been no update in 4 years. 1080p/50fps would be ideal, though I'd happily settle for 720p so long as the frame rate was upped. 1080p at 25fps won't cut it no matter how fancy the new app looks.

Not really a beta trial though is it, when the tv app is actually in, and can be downloaded by anyone from, the 🇮🇪  App Store?!

@nickmorc The Roku Streaming Stick+ is an excellent choice!

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How can I sign up for the now tv Apple TV beta trial?

@Anonymous User Think applications may have closed for this.

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Where is it, anybody got any invitation for testing of new app. Tired of watching 720p so called hd on Apple TV current now tv app. 

Last night I was stunned with what amazon prime video offering live stream of Us tennis Open 2018 in 1080p with high frame rate. Picture quality was incredible look like watching on sky q HD. If amazon prime can do it why can’t Now tv do it. 

Scholar 3

I wonder if Apple has asked them to hold off until their next keynote (expected around middle of September) this was the case with both the new ITV hub and My5 apps.


or it could be the survey feedback threw  up some unexpected  questions (lack of people wanting to pay more for HD pass)

or unrelated to now Tv but perhaps in the same development cycle the sky Q apps that are incoming are not ready.

All guess work but it’s fun to debate.